New Model

Demand Model

Rather than the current model where hospitals and insurers must fully cover the capital and operating costs for the particle therapy system, we offer on a per treatment basis at the price of equivalent Photon Therapy through an on demand pricing disruptive strategy.

There are significant market-altering benefits to this business model that enhance not only NCC’s ability to offer particle therapy at scale, but also the ability of our partners—hospitals, insurers, and researchers—to complete important treatment and clinical research activities.

1 %
incidence rates increase

Cancer incidence rates projected to increase 50% to 21 million new cases by 2030

1 %
Mortality rates increase

Cancer mortality rates will climb even faster—by 60%—leading to 13 million deaths by 2030



Cost is lowered in this model as partners pay only for the treatment capacity they need.


Partners can adjust their contracts at any time at no cost and minimal set up time required.

Pricing Certainty

Partners pay a fixed, clear per patient rate, benefiting from pricing certainty over the lifetime of the system.

No Setup Cost

Partners are not responsible for any assembly, construction, maintenance, or disassembly costs.


Partners benefit from a 98% uptime maintenance guarantee by NCC and our subcontractors, increasing the reliability of the treatment system for patients.

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