National Cancer Care

Our Proton Therapy technology offers patients an affordable alternative to radiotherapy in the fight against cancer.

Our Story

The most effective forms of cancer treatment available today—advanced particle therapy primarily using protons— are not broadly available due to the prohibitively high costs of building and systems operation.

We believe people—especially the most ill among us—deserve better. That’s why we founded NCC. NCC offers particle therapy on demand—that allows for hospitals and insurers to sustainably fund particle therapy for many, many more patients in Ireland.  

What is Proton Therapy?

Protons are an advantageous treatment approach for their ability to precisely deliver high doses of radiation to specific cancerous areas with minimal exposure and side effects on the body’s surrounding tissue. This “Bragg Peak” effect, a unique atomic property that only transmits energy from accelerated protons transmitted at the end of their path, which can be specifically adjusted to land right in the patients’ tumour.

On Demand Model

Rather than the current model where hospitals and insurers must fully cover the capital and operating costs for the particle therapy system, we offer on a per treatment basis at the price of equivalent Photon Therapy through an on demand pricing disruptive strategy.

Helping patients get back to what matters

NCC’s technology increases the range of treatable tumours dramatically including those close to vital organs or the spine and significantly reduces side effects to the patient. 

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